Monday, March 24, 2008

Mother's Ball: Promenade in Pink

In the midst of getting our information out there for people to know about us and the excellent service we provide, we ended up sending our "schpeel" to, a full service, free thinking, creative and trailblazing GLBT wedding and event plannig and Concierge firm. Shortly after sending the "Schpeel", we get a call from the CEO, MW Savant, who by the way is as fabulous as fabulous gets. I can literally talk to him FOREVER!!! But he was in the middle of a crisis, and wondered if we would be able to help.

Sister's Network of Central New Jersey, a non profit organization for African American breast cancer survivors had recently purchased a new facility in Somerset New Jersey. In order to raise money to help pay for this new facility, they decided they would host a gala on May 2nd, 2008. So they contact to help put the whole event together. The problem was, the event was 44days way, and the organization had NO MONEY.

Luckily, the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ, had agreed to host the event, but that was all they had. No decor, no sponsors, no entertainment, NOTHING!!! So, when MW explained his situation to me, I could completely understand why he was stressing out. MW luckily, with his contacts in the industry, was able to pull some strings to get some top line entertainment for the gala, but there was still the problem of no money for decor and no volunteers to work the event. And in order to have a fabulous event, you know some beautiful decor was going to be needed.

So when MW contacted us, we signed on immediately. This was our opportunity to show what we've been saying we could do for the corporate community. Immediately, we started putting a sponsorship package together, and started contacting our contacts in the media. MW's creativity, combined with ours, as well as both our work ethic is really showing us that we will be able to pull off this event. Some sponsors have come onboard...thanks to MW's efforts, and we're awaiting many more. I'm really thinking we are going to blow the minds of these breast cancer survivors when they see what we have in store for them. So we're really excited because they are deserving of having something nice done for them. The've been through so much already.

So, at this point, we're 39 days away and counting, but I believe we're going to pull it off. These are the kinds of opportunity that we look forward to because they make it all worthwhile. It's going to be a great event. We'll keep you updated on the progress we're making with getting people to come on board.

In the meantime...check us out on our website:

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

4 Reasons to work with RNB Event Consultants

People are always telling us they can't afford the cost of hiring an event professional for their events, especially with the abundance of information we have now on Do It Yourself projects or Event planning shows. The often figure all they have to do is dedicate some time to doing the invites or the centerpieces, and they'll save themselves some money. And our response is always, no matter how small or big the event, you can't afford not to get an event planner.

In trying to save money by doing it yourself, you actually usually end up spending more money. Why? Because people in the industry always know the cheapest place, usually in a back alley somewhere, to get the best deals. A lot of money can also be saved in trying to do things yourself by hiring an event planner because event planners usually get discounts on certain things such as buying from a wholesaler, or what have you, that would generally not be available to the public. Also, we've cultivated great relationships with the vendors we work with over the years, that they are usually more than happy to try to work within the constraints of our clients' budget. And oh...gone are the days when people hosting the events are not able to enjoy the events themselves because they're busy running all over the place trying to make sure things are the way they're supposed to be. It's the saddest thing when I talk to somebody about an event they invited me to, and they tell me they weren't able to even enjoy it because they were being pulled into 10 different places all at the same time. So just save yourself the hassle, the money, and TIME, and always get an event planner for ANY event you're planning. You'll be glad you did.

So now that we've gotten why it's important to use event planners out of the way, let's talk about our favorite topic...US!!! 4 Reasons to work with RNB Event Consultants...

Here we go...
1. We are a fun, energetic group
There's nothing more draining that talking to somebody about something you're excited about, and not having the same enthusiasm reciprocated. Believe it or not, there are lots of MISERABLE people in the events industry, that I sometimes wonder why they are in the profession. All they care about is the money and are so caught up with being so busy, they they can't even take the opportunity to be enthusiastic about your event. But no need to worry about that here!!! Separately, we're always on a natural high, so when you get all 3 of us's mayhem. The truth is we love designing and planning events, so we're always excited about our projects. Most of all, we love to meet new people, and helping them bring their ideas to fruition is the icing.

2. We're extremely creative...even if we do say so ourselves: When you're doing what you believe you were put on the face of the Earth to do, your true self comes out. You are free to truly let go and explore the possibilities, and that's exactly what we do. We believe there's no point in having an event and spending all that money and time on it, if you and your guests are not going to be experiencing something new and different from any other events they've been to. We have some clients that want to do things EXACTLY the same way as their friends wedding, or the same way they've seen it on TV, and that just kills the fun. You only live once, so just let all your inhibitions and go and do it. So our approach to any event we're working on is always to "give 'em something to talk about". When you work with us, your event is guaranteed to be the talk of town.

3. Experience, Experience, Experience:
Ok, we may love to have fun, but yes...we have the experience to back all this talk up. With over 15years combined experience in the industry, you just can't beat the knowledge we're bringing to the table. You name it, we've done it. It's hard to stomp us on anything, but there are those rare occasions where our client is coming to the table with something completely out of this world that we've never done before, and we LOVE it. Those kooky ideas actually always make for the best events. And with our experience and people we know in the industry, we can make ANYTHING happen.

4. This is what we do. ...
So there are lots of event planners popping up all over the place, which is great for our industry. However, there are some that are doing it as a part time thing or on the side thing...which I would think makes it difficult for them to be as accessible to their clients. But NOT US. THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!! Full time, all day, all night, 24/7. Call us and we're likely to be in the middle of an event, preparing or brainstorming on an event we have coming up, or just finishing up an event. We love, love, love events, so aint no side hustle or what have you. When you work with RNB Event Consultants, you can be guarantee that you have our full attention and we will be thinking of your event, even when you're at your job, sleeping, or with your family.

So...there you have it. What else do you need? Hurry up and contact us at


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Announcing the formation of RNB Event Consultants

Remi Baruwa, Nimma Ovwori, and Bola Fakinlede of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey announce the formation of RNB Events Consultants (, an events management and public relations firm. The name RNB was created by taking the first letters from the name of the three founders of the company.

As working adults, Remi, Nimma, and Bola, dreamed of striking it out on their own and becoming their own bosses and masters of their fate. As the women became better friends, they discussed the idea of combining their efforts to form a powerful events management and public relations company. “We had 15 years combined experience as events coordinators,” recalls Remi, “so the idea of three young Nigerian women forming an alliance in the hospitality field was obvious.”

In 2004, as the three women were making plans to forge a powerful unity, the women each had a fortunate diversion of becoming pregnant with their first child. Becoming mothers put the women’s dream on the backburner. “We knew that as much as we wanted to be business-women, we needed to take the time to concentrate on being mothers,” Nimma explains, “we felt that continuing with our business plans at such a critical time would have compromised our ability to excel either as mothers or business-women.” A year into motherhood, as the women began to grow comfortable with their role as mothers, and thoughts of reviving the dream became a viable option, each of the women became pregnant with their second child.

Four years later and six children combined, the trio believes the time is finally right. When asked whether the current threats of economic recession present any concerns, Bola contends that “There will always be one reason or another to keep you from pursuing and achieving your dreams. We believe now is our time. Thriving in a recession will just take some creativity and as mothers we have to be creative to make ends meet. As mothers we make the impossible happen everyday, so tackling this business, even amidst a possible recession, is something we believe we’ve been prepared for.”

Nimma, Bola, and Remi are seasoned Events and PR professionals, with experience in various aspects of the hospitality industry. They’ve worked with boutique events management and PR firms, mid sized non-profit organizations, and large Pharmaceutical companies. As they embark on this journey of the American Dream, they hope to combine their experiences to make their company a robust and comprehensive events management and PR firm. RNB’s range of operations will be partnering up with non-profit organizations, providing cost effective wedding coordination and corporate events, and even providing international events consultations.

They conclude, "We are mothers and indeed have a lot on our plates. However, we are more compelled now than ever to make RNB a success. Young mothers tend to get counted out when it comes to business and entrepreneurship, but we want to dispel the notion that being great mothers and great business women have to be mutually exclusive.”

For information:
Phone: 732-688-9847

Fax: 732-254-4247